7 Best Chronograph Watches under $1000 in 2022

Watches are no longer just limited to time. They are a fashion statement.  

Don’t you agree that these cool chronograph watches stand out the most when it comes to fashion? They look so beautiful. However, you probably already know that they are not only a fashion statement. The functionality of a chronograph differs from your usual watches.

It is essentially a stopwatch in your hands, with different dials serving different functions. The dials offer a sporty and elegant look. And unlike the usual watches, most chronograph watches do not have a used hand, but most good chronograph watches do.

However, this is not the one you expect, which confuses people. The usual location of the second hand is essentially covered by a stopwatch hand. More on this later, my main goal here is to find you the most high-end chronograph watch within the 1000 range of budget, and for that, we have excellent choices.

So, let’s find you a good chronograph watch without wasting your time! And if you find this guide interesting, check out our related guides on the 7 Best Chronograph Watches under $500 in 2022 and The Best Chronograph Watches under $10,000

Things to consider before buying a chronograph watch:

Check if a chronograph meets your usage needs: A chronograph watch is usually a hybrid watch that offers two main functions. One is a stopwatch in your hands and offers minutes, hours and even days of interval recording. Secondly, it tells you the time like ordinary watches.

Check your expenses and form a budget: There are many expensive watches globally, and there is no definitive answer. But the ones I know are Graff diamonds. Millions of dollars will transform from your bank account to this watch on your wrist.

Best Chronograph Watches under 1000 years old in 2022

The table below lists my top picks for quality watches under the $1,000 budget range.

1. Bulova Chronograph Watch for Men Lunar Pilot 

Why do we love it?

  • Comes with two different straps
  • Simplistic design
  • Premium Build Quality


  • Historically Significant watch
  • The crystal Vibrates 8 times faster
  • Bang for the buck


  • Not suitable for small wrists

A copy of a historically significant watch, just like the Omega speed master. However, the price is much better than that of the speed master, making it one of the affordable vintage chronograph watches.

This specific Bulova watch was kept secret, revealed nearly a decade later that Colonel Dave Scott wore the original Bulova watch on the Apollo 15 mission instead of the Omega Speedmaster issued by NASA.

This alone makes it the best Chrono watch under $1000. However, this is not why we classify it. The main thing is its price and functionality. This is not a replica of the old Bulova watch.

This is more a new version for the 21st century. With this watch, you get superior build quality, two different strap options and no heavy burden on your pocket. However, the search for cheap chronograph watches is difficult if we consider the overall importance of this watch.

This product is profitable. The crystal of this watch vibrates 8 times faster, and with a diameter of 45mm, it also offers a water resistance of 50m. However, it is still not recommended to wear it while swimming.

In addition, the overall build quality of this watch is robust due to the stainless steel material and sapphire crystal. Overall, the classic appearance, historical significance and general characteristics make it one of the most affordable and high-end vintage chronograph watches.

You can get Bulova Men’s Lunar Pilot-96B251 on

2. Citizen Men’s Navihawk Eco-Drive Atomic Timing Watch

Why do we love it?

  • High Water Resistance 
  • Cool design  
  • Powered by solar energy


  • Synchronized time setting (43 cities)
  • Japanese Quartz – Medium Quality Bracelet
  • High quality and precision


  • Terrible light to check the time in the dark

Citizen watches are known for being very accurate, and so is this one. People looking for the best world-time watches under $1000 should consider this watch from the get-go. This one comes with a UTC display and with atomic timing technology.

This quality chronograph watch can offer synchronized time setting in more than 43 cities worldwide, ranging from some cities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and more using radio signals. This means that the watch will automatically adjust to the city or country you are traveling to.

As for the build quality, this watch offers premium build quality. However, the band is not so great in the long run.

With the Japanese quartz movement, this sub-$1000 quality watch is a perfectly reliable and easily maintainable device due to the least moving parts. In addition, it also charges with light, and the most impressive part of this watch is the 200 m water resistance it offers.

Although with some good features, there are a few things we can focus on, the first being the quality of the strap. This is average, and the second is the general lighting in the dark, making it more difficult to see the weather in the dark. But it has such features as chronograph measurements of 1/100 second up to 24 hours, a countdown of 99 minutes and much more.

All these features easily overshadow some disadvantages and make it one of the best Chronograph watches for less than $1000 or at least the best automatic dress watch for less than $1000

3. Men’s Crystal Bulova – 98C126

Why do we love it?

  • Laced Glasses Crystel 
  • A truly high-end design
  • Stainless steel case


  • Chic and Flashy watch
  • Synthetic sapphire dial glass 


  • Low water resistance
  • Crystals could fall off

I rate the Bulova men’s crystal as one of the best chronograph watches for men when it comes to standing out. The gold design with Swarovski crystals helps you increase the value of any outfit.

Although it offers all the necessary functions like some of the other watches on this list. However, what makes it one of the most successful watches under 1000 years old is its brilliance. This one definitely has a premium look when it comes to cool chronograph watches.

When we talk about quality, this one is not left out either. You get a stainless steel case with the robust build quality. However, some people complained that the glasses could fall off, and apart from that, the low water resistance was a problem.

However, the entire device falls under the quality watches under the criteria of $ 1000. And its price is also average.

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4. Maverick Victorinox Swiss Army Chronograph Watch for Men

Why do we love it?

  • Elegant silver and gold-tone
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Comes with a three-year limited warranty


  • Perfect accuracy in keeping time
  • Swiss made 


  • A little heavy on the wrist
  • Reflects light

A Swiss chronograph watch is truly an ultimate sign of quality. And this watch offers to build quality, functionality and, most importantly, elegant silver and gold-tone.

In addition, it provides perfect accuracy in timing, and just by its appearance. You might not get the impression that this watch is a chronograph watch. However, when you look at it closely, you will notice all the dials and chronograph functions that it offers.

Being a Swiss-made watch easily ranks it in quality watches under $1000. And the three-year limited warranty can also reassure you.

Visualizing the characteristics a little offers a unidirectional bezel, a chronograph, and a tachometer function. And it is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel and offers analog quartz movement instead of digital.

Although it is not a perfect Swiss chronograph watch, it has small disadvantages. The only disadvantages of this otherwise perfect watch are its weight and the substandard anti-reflective coating. So, if you have a small wrist, it may seem like a burden, and it is not suitable for areas with a lot of lighting.

You can get the Maverick Victorinox Swiss Army Chronograph Watch for Men at

5. Men’s Zeppelin 8680-3 watch

Why do we love it?

  • A classic watch
  • Swiss quartz design
  • Beautiful Leather Band


  • Ancient 
  • Glow in the dark screen


  • Terrible white dial
  • Terrible horns

The elegant and classic look is the ultimate selling point for this device. In addition, the overall design of this watch is beautiful and masculine. So to classify it as one of the perfect men’s chronographs watches is not an understatement.

In addition, the antique white dial, the overall appearance and the price make it one of the best affordable vintage chronographs watches on the market. The case diameter can easily fit a medium to large wrist size, and the beautiful leather band pairs well with any formal outfit for elegance.

The water resistance is satisfactory. However, I do not recommend wearing it while swimming. Swiss quartz and stainless steel case offer quality, and you get an alarm system, Chronograph, reference, tachometer with this watch.

The overall appearance and the light blue ambient display that appears in the dark is something that people find amazing. However, most people complained that the horns were terrible.

You can get the men’s watch Zeppelin 8680-3 on

6. JBW Luxury Men’s Phantom 2.38 ctw Diamond Wrist Watch

Why do we love it?

  • Luxurious appearance made of 18K gold plated stainless steel
  • Unique Square Design
  • Dial embellished with diamonds


  • Genuine Leather Strap 
  • Available in 4 different options


  • Fragile Strap Quality

This watch is the answer to what an affordable and luxurious watch should look like. The overall build quality is excellent, with an 18K gold-plated stainless steel dial and carefully designed integrated diamonds on the watch set it apart.

The bracelet is made of genuine leather. However, it is not as durable as it looks. And the price is not on the affordable side when considering other quality watches on this list. This may not be the thinnest mechanical chronograph watch, but it is well suited for medium wrists.

The main selling point is the look it offers and not the function. However, this is a chronograph watch.

7. Movado Men 0606792 

Why do we love it?

  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Metal Bracelet
  • Synthetic Sapphire Crystal


  • Great build quality
  • Simple Design


  • Suitable for small wrist size
  • Very expensive

A quality brand Movado chronograph watch with Swiss Quartz movement. This may not seem to be the top watch for the price. However, the brand and the watch’s build quality justify the price tags and the overall appearance.

The metal strap, synthetic sapphire crystal and stainless steel dial make this a sturdy addition to this list of the best chronograph watches under $1000. Moreover, this watch is lighter compared to other competitors on this list, even with a metal strap. And the good thing is that it is small in size.

Although it is not well suited for large wrists, however a great option for people with small wrists, the overall design of this watch is simple but elegant. The only problem with this watch is that it lacks functionality when considering the price. Especially the low water resistance is a disadvantage for most people. So, is this a great watch for the price? Probably not! However, this is still a quality option.

You can get the 0606792 from Movado for men on


People often ask themselves why do we need wristwatches more? The answer to this question is mentioned in the highlight of this guide. They are a fashion statement. And nowadays they also offer better features. Chronograph watches are not a new concept but offer a unique way to use a wristwatch. That’s why I’ve created this list of the best chronograph watches under the $1000 range to introduce you to some quality options.

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