10 Best Teen Watches in 2022

With the advent of technology, people stopped wearing watches. Nowadays, people think that they don’t need a watch anymore because they have mobiles.

There are many kinds of watches, such as business, student, formal, and casual. But for a teenager, a formal watch is highly recommended because it can match all types of school and college dresses. In addition, for special occasions, I will offer you traditional and casual watches.

So, in this article, I will help you find the best watches for teenagers. I have created this list of the 10 best watches for boys that you can buy at an affordable price. And if you like this guide, check out our other hair straightener buying guide and our refrigerator buying guide.

Things to consider before buying watches for teenagers:

Watches are for all occasions: They symbolize class, and I think everyone should wear them. And I’m pretty sure that by reading this guide, you will find cool watches for boys.

Ask your teenager about his preferences: At this age, teenagers usually develop a class in their personality, so I recommend buying them watches for teenagers in silver or brown color. It can be analog, digital or smart, but the sense of dressing is the key.

Best watch for teens 2022:

Here is my list of the 10 Best Watches for Boys:



  • Brown leather strap
  • Weight of 52 grams
  • Diameter 40 MM
  • Thickness of 8.8MM
  • One year warranty
  • $75- – $80 USD
  • Lightweight 
  • Clear Dial Visibility
  • Looks Chic

If you are looking for a professional rounded watch at a low cost, this watch is perfect for you. Leather bracelets are usually comfortable for your wrist, but you will get only watches with leather straps of medium quality at this price. On the other hand, this watch is very light, better for your wrist. This watch has an average dial size visible from afar – a great way to impress your peers. If you are looking to make your dressing room envy your friends, this could be one of the best watches for boys.

You look more professional after wearing this watch because of the blue and brown combination. In addition, the white hand and small white markers with the time dial completely enhance your overall outfit. The watch’s design is very simple and chic, and you can also wear it as a casual watch with a blue dress and formal blue shoes. Not only that, you can rock the watch on occasions such as business parties and weddings. Keep in mind all the features of this elegant watch. I can safely say that this is one of the most suitable watches for teenagers. In addition, this type of teenager’s watch is not too heavy in your pocket. And that’s why it reached first place in our list of “The Best watches for boys 16-24 years old”.

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  • Black plastic strip
  • Analog and digital display
  • Alarm
  • Multicolor backlight
  • Water Resistant Depth Of 50 m
  • Buy On Amazon
  • Sports Watch Charged in Function 
  • Durable Strap
  • Affordable

SKMEI produces exceptional watches for boys. If we talk about this watch, it is one of the best sports watches for boys at a very low price. This watch has many features such as alarm, stopwatch, countdown, 12/24 hour time format, date and day.

The weight of most digital watches is more than 200 grams, but the weight of this one is only 70 grams. The plastic bands may not feel comfortable on your wrist, but the strap is durable. Unfortunately, you do not get a watch like G-shock in this price range. But if your budget is small, this is one of the best options for you.

When you wear this watch, you look more decent. On Amazon, this watch is available in 2 models, but the design shown in this picture gives you a better adult look. And the second design makes you look more like a child. This is an excellent watch for regular use, but you can not use it for a special occasion. For regular use, I suggest you wear it with a T-shirt and sports shoes of any color.

Unlike other boys’ watches, the sporty looks are perfect for your next trip to the beach or even when you want to enjoy bowling or clubbing. If you are a parent looking for a perfect gift, this might be one of the best watches for teen boys.



  • Anti-Scratch Glass
  • Multisport Features
  • Long Battery life
  • Notification Alert
  • Price range335 to USD40 USD 
  • Available in 7 Different Models 
  • Durable scratch-free glass
  • Replaceable band

Smartwatches are generally considered beautiful boys’ watches, and the functionality of these watches is on par with some of the top-quality mobile phones. This product also offers it.

This product is available on Amazon in 6 to 7 different models. The main thing about this watch is that you can change the band according to your taste, but you have to spend extra money to buy it.

For teenagers, it’s good because of the scratch-resistant glass. In addition, this watch has all the usual features like other smartwatches. And after 2 hours of charging, the battery lasts 5-7 days with intensive use, and it lasts 10-12 days with normal use. You will also find an application for maps and weather in this watch.

This smartwatch gives you a formal but chic look due to its fluid display. You can wear this watch with a black or blue shirt to get a sweet look, or you can also wear this watch with a white shirt and a black or blue blazer for a chic look.

The good thing about this product is that it gives you a very professional look even if you wear it with a simple dress. No wonder that with outstanding characteristics and a stylish look, the watch has become one of the best watches for teenage boys.



  • Analog and digital display
  • Multicolored dial
  • Calendar
  • Alarm, Stopwatch
  • 6 months warranty
  • Price range from $16 to $25 
  • Average Weight
  • Pretty Brown Leather Strap
  • Dual Display 
  • Medium Size

The numbers on the screen are very small, and you can not see them from afar. The quality of the strap of this wristwatch for boys is average. However, the backlight function of this watch allows you to see the time in the dark. Some people might not like this watch because of its big crown or because you only get a 6-month warranty on this watch.

This watch is of medium weight and has a medium size, which can benefit your wrist. The good thing about this watch is the multi-time zone function. This puts this on the list of perfect watches for teenagers.

Some people use watches to check the time, and others just use them to look better. This watch makes you look better thanks to the dual display function. In addition, the brown leather strap of this watch is very attractive to look at.

Maybe you can’t get a perfect formal or casual look with this watch, but you will get a cool sporty look. This watch is ideal for regular use. The multi-dial look of the watch is very attractive for teenagers. So, I consider this one of the best watches for teenagers.

Contrary to what some people believe, along with the price range, the watch is endowed with amazing features – a digital display, a date display and even a stopwatch for all these athletes. The watch is a bang for the buck, and it’s safe to say it’s one of the best watches for boys.



  • Dial color light yellow
  • Dark brown leather strap
  • Weight of 68 Grams
  • Day and date display
  • One year warranty
  • $25 to $30 
  • Unique Display Method
  •  Adjustable Leather Belt

The Timex brand is credible and produces good watches for boys. And if we have an overview of this watch, it also falls under the same watch quality criteria. So if quality watches and a stylish look are what you crave, this may be one of the best watches for teenage boys.

The big numbers of this boy’s hand watch can help you see the time clearly from a distance. In addition, the date and day display method of this watch is new and different from all other watches. The leather belt is adjustable, and the weight is only 68 grams, so this watch is ideal for your wrist.

The size dial of this watch is large enough to fit a medium or large wrist size, but it does not fit a small wrist well. In addition, the quartz movement of this watch accurately displays the time. While searching for the best watches for boys, this factor of time accuracy and the large wrist size should be considered.


  • 10-Day Battery Life
  • 8 Sport Mode
  • Music control
  • Call/SMS reminder
  • Water-resistant
  • Price range445 to USD48 USD 

Smartwatches are a favorite choice in the category of watches for boys. In this era of digital technology, smartwatches help you stand out. Those who are not comfortable with a small bracelet size should opt for this watch. In addition, this watch offers features such as Bluetooth connectivity, call reception and social media notifications.

Due to all these features, it is suitable for use in the office, and the large screen it offers is ideal for those who drive more in their daily routine. In addition, this watch makes it easier for them to find out who is calling them.

The most beneficial feature of the Muzili smartwatch is the automatic adjustable brightness, which is ideal for cyclists.

Because it has so many sports features, you can use it as a sports watch, which also offers a sporty look. When you wear this watch with a T-shirt and sports shoes, it gives you a perfect look. You can also use it as a formal watch with a whole black shirt and trousers of silver color. But it can not be used as a casual watch. Cool watches like these can help your boys stand out from the crowd with a perfect combination.

This could be the best watch for teenagers for all tech-savvy teenagers who like to add modern technology in their accessories or even men who like to stay up to date with work notifications.



  • Black resin band
  • Weight: 225 grams
  • Long battery life
  • water-resistant to 100 m
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Price range228 to USD30 USD 


  • Displays the time of more than 30 countries Heavy Heavy
  • Great Warranty and Battery life
  • High Water Resistance

Casio AE-1200WH is another winner on our list of “Best Watches for Boys 16-24 Years Old” The watch is full of amazing features, and believe me. It’s worth every penny.

These types of watches are intended for teenagers who are more into classic watches. This is the best classic rectangular digital watch from Casio, and that’s why I recommend this watch for boys from 16 to 24 years old. In addition, this watch displays the time of more than 30 countries. I know this feature might not be useful for students, but it is useful for jobholders.

You may not like the heavier weight of this watch, but the 100 m water resistance and the 2-year warranty it offers are impressive. In addition, the battery life of this watch is more than 10 years if you use it carefully.

You can wear this resin band digital watch for regular use. The features of this watch are useful for job holders, but I think the shape of this watch is suitable for students to wear in class. In addition, you can wear this watch with a whole black sports tracksuit that gives you a wonderful and sporty look.

With the current trends, anything that is technical and gives those cool vibes is popular among high school students. So if you want to impress your peers with an amazing watch, this is the perfect watch for teenagers.



  • Available in 4 models
  • AMOLED Display
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Long Battery life
  • Smart Features
  • 50M Water Resistant
  • Price range330-335USD


  • Very Light Weight 
  • Fast charging 
  • Available in Different Models
  • Comfortable Strap


  • No GPS
  • Not for casual and formal dressing

When talking about high-end watches for teenagers, you can not miss Honor Band 5. With its stylish look and up-to-date features, it was a definite choice to add this watch to our list of “Best Watches for boys 16-24 years old”.

Smartwatches like these attract teenagers because of their touch screen and personalized interface. In this band, you get all the functionality of any ordinary smartwatch, but it does not have GPS. The battery life of this watch is about 7-8 days after a single charge, and charging takes only 60-70 minutes.

The quality of the strap of this watch is good, and you will feel comfortable wearing it. You can download many applications on this watch. The display of this watch is slightly smaller than the MI band.

Due to the weight of 22.7 grams, you will not even feel the watch on your wrist. This band is available in 4 models, so I prefer skin and gray color bands for women, and for men, I suggest black and blue color.

This boy’s hand watch is unsuitable for casual and formal dresses, but you can use it as a sports watch with a T-shirt for a cool look. Keeping in mind the compact size and features of this watch, I think it is the best watch for boys who love fitness.

With 4 different colors to choose from, this watch can be considered a unisex watch. This is precisely why this is one of the best watches for teenage girls in 2022.



  • Dial Color Silver
  • Silver bracelet
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • One Year Warranty
  • 50m water resistant
  • $76 to $80 


  • Compact size
  • Large Visual Time Markers
  • Available in Different Sizes


  • Medium Length Band
  • Not for big wrists

With Fastrack, you can find cheap watches for boys, which can be a big plus for you at this age. The small size is ideal for boys from 16 to 24 years old. It is also lightweight due to the brass material. The quality of the strap of this watch is average according to this price. This watch is available in three different sizes so that you can buy it according to the size of your wrist. However, this watch has a medium-length band and is not well suited for large wrists.

The time markers on this watch always give you a casual look. You can wear these kinds of teen watches with a whole black dress because the inner numbers give you a professional look. That’s why you can also wear this watch with formal dresses. This is one of those watches that looks great with any skin tone and dress color.

Since many luxury watches for a teenager can be expensive and can damage your wallet, I highly recommend this watch because it is compatible with both; formal and casual styles.



  • Silver stainless steel bracelet
  • Diameter 44 MM
  • Weight: 96 grams
  • water-resistant to 100 m
  • Two-year warranty
  • Price range444 to449


  • Durability of stainless steel 
  • Light


  • Bad for wrist hair

Well, but not an average option for the boys’ watch. Nevertheless, this luxury watch for teenagers has made its way into our list of the “Best Watches for boys 16-24 years old” because of its stylish look and digital dial.

This watch is ideal for teenage boys because they don’t have a lot of hair on their wrists. For adults, the metal strap of this watch can tear the hairs off their wrist. Even with stainless steel material, this watch is very light and durable. This watch has different time zones, alarms, backlight, stopwatch, timer, and long battery life.

If you like metal strap watches, this is a great option. But I am not suggesting that you buy the golden color. Before wearing this watch, keep in mind that you need to adjust the length of the band according to your wrist. So it can fit perfectly.

In short, Casio has produced some of the most beautiful watches for teenagers because they are durable, stylish, and of superior quality at good prices. So for all those high school students looking for the best teen watch.


In this article, I took you with me to find the best watches for boys from 16 to 24 years old. I hope you have found the perfect combination to enhance your style. Watches symbolize class, and I think everyone should wear them. And I’m pretty sure that by reading this guide, you will find cool watches for boys.

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