Best Watch Buying Guide In 2022

Wearing a watch highlights some qualities that you can not otherwise present in front of people.

A watch is a sign of responsibility. When you wear a watch on your wrist, you feel like a mature person. In addition, an individual’s self-confidence increases once he wears a watch. Finally, a watch sets you apart from the crowd.

Most importantly, the clock teaches you the importance of time. It is relatively easy to go and buy a watch in a store because the trader can serve as a guide. However, when buying a watch online, there is always a risk of scams and fraud.

Online shopping for men’s or women’s watches can be tricky. Therefore, this guide is the ultimate source for making the right decision every time you are considering buying a watch! This is the best watch buying guide for your convenience to buy a watch online. This guide will help you choose the right one according to your tastes and requirements.

1. Decide On Your Budget

The first step to buying anything is to consider the amount you will spend. On the market, there are many products and brands available. The more you spend, the better the product you get.

But we usually have a limit to spend on anything. Therefore, before choosing a watch to buy, you need to decide on your budget. This watch buying guide will help you decide on the budget while considering the best watch for you. In India, the bulk of the population belongs to middle-class families.

Moreover, until the age of 22, most Indians are students and spend their father’s money.

That is why those who come from wealthy families have a high budget, but most have a lower budget. This article will suggest most budget watches and provide you with the complete and best shopping guide. In addition, you can also check out the best budget smartwatch.

2. Selection Of The Shape And Size Of The Watch


If you want to buy a watch, you must first understand what to look for in a watch. After deciding on your budget, the second most important factor for buying a watch online is to decide on the shape of the watch you want.

Most often, all the large watches to buy that are present are either rounded, rectangular or bandaged. However, everyone has a different mindset, and, therefore, the choices differ. Therefore, you need to select the shape that you prefer.

The best suggestion on this may be to choose a watch according to the occasion and where you want to wear it. In this watch buying guide, you will be able to learn the different types of shapes and then you will be able to proceed with the purchase of watches online. For example, if you are looking for a formal watch, opt for a rounded watch.

For a casual look, you can opt for any shape. You should buy a rectangular smartwatch whenever you are looking for a smartwatch. Sometimes in rounded smartwatches, you may encounter a problem when displaying the numbers on the screen. A wristwatch gives you a semi-formal and semi-casual look so that you can use it regularly.

the shape of watches 


Size is one of the most important considerations when buying a watch. When your watch does not fit perfectly on your wrist, it radiates that you are not a mature person. These are considered the best watches to buy that fit most wrist sizes perfectly because they have a neutral look – neither too big nor too small. When buying men’s or women’s watches online, sizes are mentioned against all options. Therefore, this watch buying guide will help you measure the size of your wrist and accordingly select the best online watches suitable for your height.

  • Take a flexible tape measure.
  • Deform it around your wrist where you want to wear a watch.
  • Note the size of your wrist in inches.

Watch size

An important aspect is to consider the diameter of the watch when buying watches online. In general, the diameter of a men’s watch is 35-46 mm.

For a thin wrist, you should buy a watch with almost 35-40 mm diameter.

If your wrist is of medium size, you should buy a watch with 40-44 mm diameter.

If your wrist size is thick, you should buy a watch with a diameter of 44 mm and more.

3. Which Watch Matches Which Type of Dress

While considering which watches to buy, many factors need to be considered. In this best watch buying guide, all of them will be explained for your ease. One of the key factors when buying a watch is considering the type of dress.

This watch buying guide will follow you to make the appropriate choice and is based entirely on people’s daily routines. First of all, while considering which watches to buy, you need to decide on the place and type of dress that you want the watch to go with. If you have a hobby of collecting watches, you should probably have all types of watches, for example, a casual watch, a formal watch, a sports watch, a smartwatch or a professional watch. All large watches belong to one of the following categories. This watch guide will help you choose the appropriate category.

Formal Watch

A formal watch can be used with the school dress in the case of a student. If you are working and your work outfit is formal, you can wear it. In addition, whenever you attend occasions like a wedding party or a function or a place where you are supposed to appear in a blazer and tie, a formal watch is the best option to go with it.

Casual Watch

A casual watch can be integrated into your daily routine. It goes well with a casual outfit like jeans and a t-shirt or shirt.

In short, there is no specific obligation to wear a casual watch.

Sports Watch

A sports watch can be used regularly if you are a sportsman.

These are watches specially designed for moments like running, swimming or cycling. Running watches can be used for similar purposes.

Smart Watch

In a smartwatch, you get many other features besides the time display. For example, smartwatches can access social media applications and, as a result, can display notifications, messages and call notifications on social media.

In addition, it gives a casual and formal look, so it is quite versatile. Above all, for drivers, smartwatches can be an extremely useful ornament.

Business Watch

A business watch should be a combination of golden and white colors. This jumpsuit makes your whole outfit look more expensive!

Regular Watch

An ordinary watch should be a dress watch or a semi-sporty watch. The color and style of the watch depend entirely on the shoes’ style. AgeWise Watch The best watch buying guide will always consider age to buy watches online for men or women.

According to the women’s or men’s watch guide, if you are looking for a watch for 10-15 years, you can opt for watches with a rounded or rectangular shape. In addition, the size of the watch should be taken into account, along with the size of the wrist.

Depending on the budget or choice, you can search for advanced features, such as a sports watch or a smartwatch. 

Here are some of the suggestions of the best online watches for this particular age group.

If you are thinking about buying a watch for young people from 16 to 22 years old, you should buy a watch according to the daily lifestyle. For example, if wanting to buy men’s or women’s watches online for people going to school or college, a formal watch with a brown or black leather strap is the best choice. After school, you can use a casual watch or a sports watch with a leather or rubber strap. If your wist size is more than 7 inches, you can use a metal belt watch.

Here are some suggestions for the best online watches for this age group. They are available on Amazon.

Black Smart Watch

White Black Watch

Black Metal Belt

Most people in India start working at the age of 22 and older. So if you belong to this age group and have a very good budget, the appropriate choice would be to opt for a branded watch.

Perhaps you can also buy men’s watches online or a woman’s with a leather belt if you prefer. It can improve your appearance twice! If you are over 33, some old gold models would be a suitable choice. If you don’t like gold watches, many other models have a mature look and come in other colors. Some of the possible options for buying men’s or women’s watches online are mentioned here.

Golden White

Brown Black

Brown White

4. Movement And Internal Appearance Of The Watch


There are three basic types of movement in watches.

  • Battery
  • Quartz
  • Mechanical


The battery movement of watches uses a battery as a power source. These watches are the cheapest and are most often found in stores. However, there is no difference in the appearance of watches regardless of the type of movement.


A quartz watch works on an electronic circuit placed inside. A quartz watch consumes less battery power, but it is more expensive than a battery watch. However, a quartz watch is more accurate. Nowadays, most watches use a quartz movement.


Mechanical watches have two types – manual and automatic. Its operation is based on the movement of the person wearing the watch. Mechanical watches are the most expensive and luxurious. Here are some of the watches with different types of movements.

Inside Look

The interior appearance of a watch affects your style of clothing and personality. 

There are mainly 5 types of interior looks of watches. These are mentioned below in detail.


The dress watch can fall into two other categories. A watch with a leather strap, a rounded model and markers indicating the time without displayed date and day is a complete formal watch. With any bracelet, any shape, date, and day displayed on the screen and with the time showing numbers instead of just markers, casual watches.


The second is a field watch. Years ago, warriors wore them at the time of the war. This type of watch is more durable. Farmers and workers can use this type of watch at this time and time. The field watch comes with a large, clear display with a durable rubber or resin band.


The third type is the aviator’s watch. There are more buttons in this type of interior look, as for the stopwatch and timer functions, as in a simple digital watch.


The fourth type is the diving watch. These watches can be used under high pressure as well as underwater. It glows in the water so that you can see the time while diving or swimming.


The last type is a racing watch. These are further classified into two subtypes – Chronograph and Tachometer. The chronograph watch contains a simple stopwatch and a timer, and the tachymeter watch shows the distance and time. You can easily determine the speed and time required to complete the remaining distance during a run.

5. Analogue Vs. Digital

A watch guide is incomplete without the mention of analog and digital comparison. It also differentiates a normal watch guide from the best watch buying guide. This is one of the key factors when buying a watch.

The main difference between analog and digital watches is displaying the time. The analog watch displays the time using the hour, minute and second hands, but a digital watch displays numbers.

One of the main differences is that the battery life of the digital watch is longer than that of the analog watch, even if the digital watch has additional features such as a stopwatch or an alarm. In general, the battery life of the analog watch is 2-2.5 years, but the digital watch has a battery life of 4-6 years.


If you want to know how to buy watches, the best watch buying guide is here. With all the information in this article, you can now easily decide which type of watch to buy. In addition, you have also been offered some options for buying men’s watches online or women’s watches according to your needs.

When buying men’s or women’s watches online, many key factors are involved. All of these are mentioned in this guide so that you can be comfortable when considering buying watches!

If you want a more classic look, you should prefer analog, and for those of you looking for additional features, a digital watch is a viable option. The type of movement or Inner Look, or Which type goes best with the type of clothing, are discussed exhaustively during this guide. The appropriate budget options and how to select the one for your wrist size are also mentioned.

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