9 Best Watch Winders for Omega Watch in 2022

 “Watch winders save time and show your watch collection at the same time.” 

If you own an automatic watch, you will know the hassle of resetting the time and date every time you need to wear it. Imagine the embarrassment if someone asks for the time, and your watch is not set correctly.

We have chosen the best watch winders recommended specifically for Omega watches to save you this embarrassment.

If you don’t have a high-quality watch yet, you can see the Top 7 Rolex watch winders to Get in 2022 or Chronograph watches under 10000. So now, let’s go ahead and see affordable watch winders!

Best watch winders for Omega in 2022:

Here is a list of all the top-rated watch winders for Omega currently:

1. Orbita Sparta 1

Why do we Love it?

  • Secure
  • Elegant design
  • Long-lasting battery


  • The battery can last five years
  • Many colors
  • Patented Orbita special Rotorwind


  • Delicate

This is an entry-level single-watch winder with a lightweight. It has the special patented Orbita rotor wind that swings back and forth, imitating the natural action of the wrist. The exceptional setting of this Omega watch winder is the 15 minute (extended settings) that gives revolutions per day in the range of 600 to 750 TPD.

The standard settings can also be used if they are within the range of the particular watch. A two-year warranty accompanies the purchase. Orbita Sparta has long-lasting batteries that provide energy for work and can last up to 5 years. The watch holder is a screw cushion that keeps the watch in shape, safe and delicate, ideal for heavy and expensive/tallest watches.

Many colors are available to give you various choices to best suit your preferences. It is made from a high-density non-magnetic material that gives it a beautiful modern finish and a chic look and prevents magnetization damage to the watch. This is an extremely quiet and high-quality watch winder worth its price and title of the best watch winder for Omega.

2. Single Watch Winder WOLF 456002 Viceroy

Why do we Love it?

  • Zero magnetization
  • Secure
  • LCD Screen


  • Lockable cuff function for safety 
  • Flexible programming directions 
  • Wide range of tours per day
  • Very quiet


  •  Extra thick cushion
  • Loose rotator drum

This is a great Omega watch winder for a single watch. It can run on batteries and AC or household power, which makes it convenient to use. Furthermore, the number of revolutions per day of this WOLF watch winder can be controlled between 300 and 1200 because, in this range, the ideal revolutions per day for Omega are found, which makes it an excellent choice.

WOLF viceroy offers various programmable modes that provide users with options to get the custom setting. The lockable cuff function cleverly locks into the rotator drum, and the secure fit ensures that the watches stay safe. WOLF viceroy has a large handle and is suitable for heavy watches and small watches, which makes it more user-friendly.

The patented function of accurate counting of WOLF turns present rather than an estimate as other winder companies use it in their winders. The available programmable movement directions are clockwise, counterclockwise or bidirectional. Since most Omega watches work well with a clockwise or bi-directional, counterclockwise movement, it is also suitable for the fewer remaining watches, which gives it another point to be customizable.

This automatic winder has zero magnetization, which protects Omega watches from damage. WOLF viceroy has a vegan genuine leather body that is durable and stylish. This part is sensitive and easy to start and turns on every time it is touched, or the control buttons are used, making it easy to use. In addition, this winder is completely silent and does not cause any problems with its use, even during light sleep.  

It comes with a two-year warranty.


Why do we love it?

  • Energy efficient
  • Completely customizable
  • Glass window protection


  • Safety Clip
  • Long warranty


  • Only works with batteries

This is usually for a single watch, but they are also available in multiples for people who like to collect. It runs entirely on batteries, but the batteries are of high quality (two standard alkaline batteries) that last up to 3 years.

It has a default setting of 1900 TPD, 950 CW and 950 CCW but is fully programmable as needed. In addition, it has a USB and Bluetooth connection to allow custom settings.

This watch winder design is available in three body materials: wood, aluminum, leather. Each type additionally has more style options. It has a modern and contemporary style. This compact cabin shape adds to the modern design, and this winder can be taken on a trip. It comes with optional glass window protection. A 3-year international warranty available for every purchase makes this product even more reliable. With easy control options, this winder stops in the vertical position. In addition, it is an excellent energy-saving option and lasts a long time if used well. Finally, it has an adjustable watch holder with a “safety clip” that guarantees the watch’s safety.

To accommodate different wrist size watches, multiple watch stands are available. In addition, it has an LED to turn on/off and indicates the need to change the battery before the time as an early warning so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

4. Chronovision ONE

Why do we love it?

  • Optional power adapter
  • Large TPD range
  • Laptop


  • Large TPD range
  • Intelligent sleep function


  • A little heavy

It has a TPD range of 500 to 2500 rotations and can be changed in fifty steps, which corresponds quite well to the omega range of revolutions per day. The available direction of movement is clockwise, counterclockwise and automatic reciprocating. In addition, it has an intelligent sleep function that makes it freely programmable for up to 12 hours and the remaining turns are adjusted or compensated later.

It works mainly on the batteries, which come with the winder. It also includes an optional power adapter to be used on ordinary household power supply, which makes it more convenient. It is not heavy and has an easily portable design, which makes it perfect for frequent travelers. Its style is classic and young modern, and it has an extendable system. It comes with a USB connection and a Bluetooth operation function that allows the user to remote control the system and control it with a PC or Mac. It is certainly among the most successful watch winders for Omega.

Placing this winder in a good position/12 hours stops it and makes it easy to pause. It is available in 5 colors (Black, Brown, Gray, Silver, White) and 3 materials (Aluminum, Carbon, Plastic) and a wide range of surfaces, which gives a lot of room or option for selection. This German part is not very expensive with the quiet and energy-efficient operation. Moreover, it has a quick wiring adjustment, saving energy when a lighter watch is placed on it and adjusting it to avoid overwinding.

They come with a three-year warranty.

5. Barrington SPEC005-S Single Winder

Why do we like it?

  • Many color options
  • No over-winding
  • AC and battery


  • Silent
  • Gentle and regular winding


  • Wears a little smaller

This is a single watch winder with two power options, AC or home power can be used to charge it while switching to battery. The two power options make it portable to some extent. Moreover, it has a smooth and constant rotation to avoid overflight. It also has a Japanese Mabuchi motor that ensures extremely quiet work so that a peaceful sleep or relaxation session is not compromised.

It has an analog display. The available movement directions are clockwise, counterclockwise or bidirectional and most omega watches work well with a clockwise or bidirectional movement. In addition, the Barrington winder has four RPM settings per day available: 650, 750, 850, 1000 or 1950 TPD. This places it for sure in the best watch winders for Omega.

These cover almost all the parameters of omega watches. In addition, the unique Barrington SPEC005-S winder is available in 7 aesthetic colors that allow customers to choose from the range according to the taste and color coordination of the room. This winder also has two cushion wrist options available – standard and flex – allowing the user to select the width with which he is comfortable. It comes with a one-year warranty. Winder’s modern and compact design adds a fashionable look.

6. CHIYODA (unisex – adult SWI01)

Why do we like it?

  • Super soft interior
  • Battery and AC power options
  • Lifetime customer service


  • Digital and analog display
  • Elegant and quiet


  • Not very light

A single Omega watch winder can work on both battery and AC household power. It comes with a power adapter that makes it convenient and easy to charge in different situations. In addition, it has a digital and analog display and buttons used to change the settings.

Both types of screens adapt to different types of preferences on the screen. It allows steering in all three forms: clockwise, counterclockwise and bidirectional. It has four RPM settings per day: 1850, 1250, 950, 650 TPD, which can wind almost all omega watches. The Japanese Mabuchi motors and the sound insulation system make it an elegant and quiet machine.

You also get a one-and-a-half-year warranty as well as lifetime customer service to help you every step of the way with this automatic watch winder for Omega. Compared to other options, this is an inexpensive option. It has a super soft velvet interior. The company uses high-quality procedures to produce 100% handmade products, making it a reliable winder. The classic-looking luxury piano baking varnish makes the product a good sophisticated edition.

7. Heiden Quad Walnut watch winder

Why do we like it?

  • Multiple watches
  • Very elegant
  • Quite spacious


  • Sophisticated walnut exterior
  • Different sizes of pillows


  • Not high quality

This has four watches and is ideal for collection. This Heiden quad has an elegant and chic look and is made of walnut veneer that makes it pleasantly different. Its looks make it a great choice for sophisticated rooms and rooms with a funky/modern style, which will not be out of place in any room.

It is quite roomy and can hold oversized or large Omega watches, so you won’t have to worry if your watches have an above-average wrist size. The automatic watch winder for Omega comes with an included power adapter with a one-year warranty. Each motor can be set to four custom settings ranging from 650 to 1850 revolutions per day. It can wind clockwise, counterclockwise or in both directions, so it is unique. In addition, it has spring-loaded cushions that provide good support for watches.

The company offers pillow options of different sizes depending on the size of the wrist. It is quite easy to use with just a switch to turn it on. It only works on an AC-home power supply, so you can keep your watch collection safe at home. Another great feature of this winder is its quiet operation. Considering the quality, this product is excellent and not very expensive.

8. CHIYODA double winder (CYD-SWI22 unisex)

Why do we Like it?

  • Very nice look
  • Double capacity
  • LCD for darkness


  • Digital and analog display 
  • For heavy and light watches 
  • Space for two watches


  • Not very strong
  • No option for batteries

This watch winder for Omega can be used for one or two watches. Each watch handle has its motor. Each winder can provide 4 RPM settings per day: 650-900-1300-2000 TPD. The direction of rotation settings available in the Chiyoda double winder is of three types: clockwise, counterclockwise and bidirectional. It has a digital and analog display, which is impressive.

The LCD can be seen in the dark, which is very useful. In addition, the constant and reliable rotation speed and the easy light rotation for heavy and delicate watches (specially designed for these types of watches) make it a safe device for your expensive watches.

Only AC power is used for this winder, so batteries and these hassles are absent. It comes with an 18-month warranty and technical service, two cushions, a power adapter and a manual for easy operation. Showing a pretty wooden crate with a glossy layer is perfect for those with a finer taste. In addition, the famous Japanese Mabuchi engine keeps it quiet and does not produce any disturbing noise.


You may be thinking, “Do I need a watch winder? “or even “Exactly what is a watch winder?”. If you have any questions about the purpose and usefulness of buying watch winders for Omega and whether you should buy one, check out this article. After using a difficult criterion with several factors, we have chosen these eight best watch winders for sale currently. We hope that our review was useful to you and that you have found the best watch winder for Omega Seamaster or any other Omega watch that you own.

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